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Welcome to my website - I hope you enjoy your visit.



At the moment I am working on paintings that may be selected for inclusion in the Transylvania Florilegium presently being created under the umbrella of the Prince of Wales's Foundation Romania to record in a permanent way the flora of Transylvania.


I was lucky enough to visit Romania with eight other botanical artists in June of 2015, when the meadows were in full bloom. It was a thrilling experience to see such exciting grassland plant communities and so many wildflowers native to Transylvania. And as the trip was all wonderfully organised for us and we were looked after so well, we had a marvellous time just looking, admiring, and chatting botanical art. 


Now there is the hard work of producing paintings but also many happy memories to revisit.






A new book of botanical art celebrating 20 years of the Chelsea Physic Garden Florilegium Society 'Botanical Illustration from Chelsea Physic Garden' has been published by the Antique Collectors' Club. My painting of Allium subhirsutum is included.


I'm now on Facebook here posting about botanical art and on Twitter as @botanicalmartin chatting about plants.

Do say hello.....